The cat and mouse game between traffic cops or law enforcement and motorists has reached a high level of technology. Policemen often patrol highways using radar guns that could clock any speeding driver. When over the limit, the patrol car puts on its siren and could pursue the motorist and overtake him or her to give a ticket.

Overspeeding is not something that many are shy about in the mostly lonely highways and interstates of this nation. And as a matter of fact, motorists could use a certain device called the laser radar detector that could help them know whether a radar gun is being focused on them. By federal statute is illegal to use them.

But in many states, police and government regulate their use and sale. This means that anyone can get this gadget and virtually avoid the police patrols or highway cops that lie in wait for them. The gadget sued by the police emits waves of radio frequencies that bounce back at high speed to the gadget, thus registering the speed of a car.

The detector is another gadget which could detect the waves or frequencies that are trained on them. Ideally this also has a scrambler unit attached so that the frequencies, once detected, could be immediately scrambled so that the tool used by a cop will not registering anything except noise or static.

While illegal because of federal law, there are many part of the nation in which it is not illegal to use them. Most cops in a state will not tolerate one that is used for a vehicle that is over 10,000 pounds. A speeding large vehicle is among the most dangerous of traffic or highway hazards that must be curbed but even so some truckers have full complements of stuff to assist their driving.

They often have schedules to meet and some are not too cool on slowing down even in junctures where the sign says to. In any case, most know which places are often empty of traffic and use these as stretches to improve on their driving time. But there will be cases in which these signs are relevant and that there is the rub.

Even with this game on, folks are putting themselves at risk just with the use of the detector and scrambler unit. And the cops are having a harder time to control the speedsters all over the interstate systems. The motorists are actually not beholden to show their wares or the gadgets they use when and if they pass the radar speedometers safely.

And they could use their scramblers so that they could just speed by the police vehicle without the guard knowing that it is speeding. So much is reliant on people having their way on the roads that manufacturers produce the product for commercial sale and no permits are getting revoked for shops which display them.

The thing is that detection systems are no longer too effective. Perhaps new items are being developed to overcome the means for motorists to beat policemen at their own game. But this may simple mean the civilian side producing better items to answer the new detection units.

How Laser Radar Detector Is Going To Be Available
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