Age related macular degeneration, which is also called as AMD, is the deterioration of macula, or the small central area that the retina of eyes which controls visual acuity. Its health determines the ability of a person to read, drive, recognize faces, use a computer, and watch television. This is useful in performing any visual task which requires seeing fine details.

This is the leading case among the older citizens to lose their vision and with more aging people consisting the overall population, those affected by it are expected to rise. That is why more individuals are looking for professionals that offer macular degeneration treatment Washington DC has. There are more Caucasian people being affected with this compared to other ethnic groups.

This condition is diagnosed either as non neovascular or dry and neovascular or wet with the latter referring to the new blood vessel growing somewhere they were not supposed to grow. This form leads usually to more serious loss of vision. The former is more common though with around eighty five to ninety percent of patients being diagnosed with this.

Its dry form is the early stage of this disease and might be the result of aging and the macular tissues thinning, pigment being deposited on it, or a combination of them. This is diagnosed when drusen or yellowish spots start to accumulate around and in the macula. These spots are believed to be the debris or deposits from the tissue which are deteriorating.

The loss of your central vision may gradually occur with this though the symptoms are not as severe as wet AMD ones. But dry AMA could slowly progress after several years to geographic atrophy in its late stage and is the gradual degradation of your retinal cells. There are no treatments approved by the FDA are available for this yet.

In wet AMD, new blood vessels are growing underneath the retina which leak fluid and blood that can cause permanent damage to its cells which are sensitive to light. This would result to them dying off and creating blinds spots on your central vision. It happens due to the misguided way of the body to attempt in making a new network to supply more oxygen and nutrients for the retina.

This process creates scarring instead and sometimes lead to severe loss of central vision and this form falls in two categories. The first one is occult where the blood vessel growing under the retina is not that pronounced and has less evident leakage. The severity of losing your eyesight is usually lesser here.

Second is classed where the growth and scarring are very clear and you could observe the delineated outlines under the retina. The severity of losing your eyesight here is typically more than the other one. If you think you are experiencing this then search for healthcare professionals to diagnose you.

There are no outright cure for this yet but some treatments are available. This can help delay the progression or improve the vision even. The treatment though depends upon which stage your condition is currently in.

Basic Information About Macular Degeneration Treatment