Survey of 2012 by Shoppertrak tells that why the 2012 black Friday dipped as compared to last some years. This happened because most of the shoppers shopped online and skipped the line. The same report by Shoppertrak showed that Cyber Monday shopping rose by 15% as compared to last few years.

In this modern world, many shoppers shop online and also by these reports, it is shown that the rate of shopper shopping online is greater than shoppers shop in line.

Many people are not willing to shop online because of some reasons, like they hesitant shop cloth online as they think that it will fit them or not? Will the size be proper for them or not? The quality of cloth is again a great concern for some people.To get more information about how the online store should be, you can pop over here.

Many questions are there in their minds at the time of online shopping. It is important that all the information of the cloth is given the details of a dress or any piece of cloth. The information like size of the dress, type of material. Again for the size, there should be size charts available because size varies from site to site, for example, it is small (S) for one site but the same size can b medium (M) for another site.

Online stores must have the variety of clothes and styles. So that customer will get clothes or dresses of their choice. These were some points that need to be remembering for online stores.

Things You Must Know For Clothing On-Line
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