Art in itself is the beautiful thing which gets appreciation when done appropriately and on appropriate place. People have associated the street art with the act of vandalism when they encountered doddle on the walls of bathrooms. When street artist used public property to demonstrate their anger then it was considered as the act of vandalism. Whereas when the street artist made beautiful art to demonstrate the picture of self-love and other beautiful stuff then it got appreciation in the form of street art.

Street Art Becoming Tourist Spot

In recent years street art has got much appreciation and it is making those cities famous which comprise of street art. People love to visit those places where they can see beautiful artwork in the form of street art. Street art graffiti is making many places attractive and beautiful by adding colour and beauty on the walls of street.

Street Artist Participation

The most important role is played by street artist in making the street art famous and making it gain the appreciation. Street artist have become mature in their approach of making street art, as nowadays street art conveys the positive message and makes the person feel good by watching it. Because of the mature and sensible approach of street artist, they have gained respect in the eyes of their audience. Street art approaches large number of audience and hence it is important to be mature enough for an artist to make positive street art.

Mature Artist Makes Sensible Art Work