Rehabilitation or rehab is the practice of assisting the people in recovering from severe injuries, addictions. Rehab is not only for the drug addicts but also for the people who have serious internal injuries.

Types of Rehabilitation are:

Inpatient Therapy: It is a hands-on method. It helps to increase patient’s abilities to at least do daily tasks like eating, bathing, toileting. It Improves patient’s functional abilities and boosts their creativity.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation: It includes treatment of traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries. It helps the patient to regain the stability in thinking, personality, language, memory, behavior.

Burn Rehabilitation: It treats the minor or life-threatening burns. Burns can be thermal, chemical, electrical, and radiological. Individuals with severe burns require management from specialized burn centers. Emotional and physical support is a must.

Cancer Rehabilitation: It helps the patients to confront challenges like deconditioning, anxiety, pain, cancer-based fatigue.

Stroke Rehabilitation: It includes various activities for treatment such as speech therapy, climbing stairs, eye exercises.

Balancing activities are designed in order to make it more engaging and conceptually stimulating. If you are looking for more rehab programs then check out at-Galit Liffshiz & Associates-Assessment and Treatment Services for Rehabilitation and Recovery.

  There are also Rehab programs aimed at teens. The programs benefit the adolescents by facilitating physical, social, communication and psychological needs.

Basics About What Rehab Is?