Flatbed Trailer: The flatbed trailers are very common and versatile. These are operated from steel coils to lumber.

Dry Vans: These are the common interstate carriage containers used for shipping cargo. It is impermeable to keep the load protected.

Refrigerated Trailer: This type of trailers is similar to dry vans but also contains a cooling system to keep the items fresh such as food.

Lowboy Trailers: It is known as the beast while dragging heavy loads. These are used during the heavy-duty construction gears. To know more about trailers you can visit – http://plainoltrailers.com/f-a-q/.

Step Deck Trailers: These are similar to flatbeds and carry that load which flatbed can’t.

Extendable Flatbed Trailer: These are the extended version of flatbeds. They are designed to upkeep long loads.

Stretch Single Drop Deck Trailer: These are specially built to carry a longer load. They provide additional support to avoid overhang.

Removable Gooseneck Trailer: These are designed in such a way to carry long and heavy loads.

Specialty Trailer: The cost is higher and also the driver should be legally licensed.

Side Kit Trailers: These kit trailers have a side of wood paneling and tow the unpacked load such as dirt.

Extendable Double Drop Trailers: These are designed to support and carry an enormously tall load.

Different Types of Trailers
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