Real Estate describes the land, property, buildings, and houses just above and below the land. Types of real estates named as a Commercial real estate, a Residential real estate, Land real estate, Industrial real estate.

Real estate industry has seller’s agents and buyers agents that help the owners of the land to sell or buy all four kinds of property.

Services that a seller agent provides is to find the buyer, price the building, and fix-up the building, deal with the seller. Services that a buyer agent provides is to find the seller, Negotiation with the price, helps with paperwork, deal with the seller. To know more about real estate you can refer to

The Residential real estate consists of a single family or multifamily structure. Residential real estates are categorized as

Apartment: It is the residential unit in a building.

Condominium: A building that is owned by multiple individuals.

Multi-family house: A multi-story building where each floor is a separate unit.

Terraced house: Two different housed shares a single wall. It can be termed as row-houses.

Cooperative: Group of individuals united to fulfill to meet their common social and economic needs.

Portable dwellings: It includes tents and houseboats.

Semi-detached dwellings:  It includes duplex buildings.

Detached dwellings: It is basically a single-family detached house.

All You Need To Know About Real Estate