Modern Technology has updated the way of keeping the house warm by introducing electric heater which is known as an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces consist of two sections. One is the heater section which includes a fan and second is the electric flame section. The flames seem realistic but are not real. These electric heaters run on electricity and do not consume much power.

Electric Fireplaces are mostly used in cold areas. It keeps the room warm and is not much harmful. It also prevents the house from dancing flames. People also use it as a décor in their houses. You can also browse this website –  to know more about electric fireplaces.

There are different types of electric fireplaces:

  1. Free Standing Electric Fireplace: This type of fireplaces is easy to move and can be taken in any room.
  2. Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace: These can be hung on the wall and saves space which is beneficial for the small houses.
  3. Corner Fireplace: It is easy to install and operate and is also space-saving.

There is a variety of designs including modern as well as traditional looking fireplaces. The cost depends on the design and size of the fireplace in addition to the power consumption, maintenance cost. In comparison with the old fireplaces with wood and gas, these are inexpensive

Modern Heating Units: Electric Fireplace