Assisted living is basically a home for people with disabilities or senior citizens who always need an assistant to do their work. There are few care services that have been provided in the assisted homes are:

Dispensing Medication

Drugs like insulin require careful monitoring. Most of the people require help with their medications. Assisted homes have a facility in which specific staff member takes the duty of dispensing medication.

Assistance with Bathing

This type of assistance is for the people who face trouble in getting out or in the bathtub. This mostly happens with the senior citizens and individuals with the disability.

Assistance with Dressing

In this, staff provides their gentle assistance in helping people in getting dressed. This is mostly needed by the individuals with dexterity issues.

Nutritional Monitoring

Under this assistance, there’s no need to worry about getting adequate vitamins or not because, in an assisted living environment, nutrients and vitamin level in the body are carefully monitored. You can visit to get assisted living facilities in gilbert az.

Physical and Mental Assessments

In assisted living, personal health maintenance is provided to those suffering from physical or mental health issues.

Routine Skilled Nurse and Doctor Visits

13% of residents in assisted living receive nurse for their care. Regular doctor visits are also provided in assisted homes.

Services Provided in Assisted Homes