The details of one of the strongest of movements based on equality and justice are found in America. There has been many stories that have been made about it, and it had lots of champions. These included militants and pastors, and the basis of their work was often connected to a religious process that worked for them.

There were so many times that the things related to this particular item have made landmarks on history. The African American Civil Rights movement facts in fact enjoys the most advanced things that were accomplished by the process of protest. Their concerns were the deepest and often affected the international community.

Nowhere has there been so many things that were connected to the treatment of the African race. The process was not made on their mother continent but in the Americas where they were transplanted. And the repercussions of their work in the modern country went right back to their original countries.

These were often the victims of the slave trade, and many Africans found themselves on American shores as indentured slaves. They were tasked to work the plantations, mostly situated in the south. They became the bone of contention for the north and south that resulted in the US Civil War, the worst conflict that ever happened on the continent.

Despite their trials and tribulations the people showed themselves to resilient and survivors. They adapted to their new culture well and contributed a lot of things to it. Perhaps the most enduring and popular are the many musical genres which started from the songs sung by their forefathers while working on the plantations.

These were classed as spirituals, usually connected to Jesus Christ and the Christian belief. No one was allowed to express dissent or protect then, but the music made out of a life of hardship took the twentieth century by storm and continues to this day. This means that there have been many genres and styles that have arisen from the original.

Later on, the music turned into a process in which the African Americans expressed their basic individual rights. They were already nominally free but there were still a lot of folks who treated them like slaves. The President Abraham Lincoln helped create and sign the legislation into law, but it took many intervening decades before it really took effect.

There was bloodshed in many parts of this country, there were protests. No matter how peaceful most rallies were, many in the dissenting minority took the trouble of making it hard for them to achieve their goals peacefully. However their patience and fortitude were legendary during these times and lots of individuals gave their lives to the cause.

One of these was Martin Luther King Jr. Who made the famous speech that was the apex of what perhaps the largest march to be held in Washington, DC. This was a march participated in not only by the African Americans but by whites themselves, many of which were the famous authors and celebrities of that time. There were songs and speeches but none more affecting than the one made by King.

Things To Know About The Civil Rights Movements Facts
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