Inspecting a Petroleum tank Average 1000 liter Gas oil tank

  • Are the tank bottoms shaky or onto a shaky foundation?
  • Is there a threat of ice or snow melting on the tank?
  • Is the port clogged or restricted due to snow?
  • Is the port whistle silent once the tank has been filled?
  • Is your fuel-level judge deciphered, stuck or suspended? Are there any indications of oil about it?
  • If mounted outside, is your tank rated for outside use?

Fuel Oil Facts

  • Over 40 percent of oil spills reported yearly is out of domestic oil tanks in private houses.
  • Homeowner insurance might not cover all expenses of a cleanup.

Managing clogs and leaks

Homeowners must take the next measures once a leak or spill is found. You can visit to consult oil companies Long Island.

  • Stop the leak, if it could be done without danger.
  • Contact fuel oil provider or heating contractor for aid.
  • Transfer any remaining oil from the septic tank into a solid tank or other approved container, manufactured from a leak-proof substance, like a 45-gallon drum.
  • Clean up spilled oil along with some other contaminated solid or substances and place in proper containers like plastic pails and sturdy trash bags.
  • For large spills, an expert cleanup contractor could be deemed necessary.
All You Need to Know About Fuel Oil Tanks