Holy Land tours in observation of the Lenten season.

Around the world, there are many places to visit to rekindle the fire of faith; and most of which are within¬†Israel, the place of Jesus’ birth and teachings. You can also know more about Jerusalem tour package through https://www.moonlighttour-travel.com/l/jewish-heritage-of-jerusalem-daily-tour/.

Here are some of the most prominent destinations to visit during pilgrimages to the holy land:

  1. Bethlehem

There’s perhaps a no longer famous destination for most Christians compared to Bethlehem. It’s the birthplace of Jesus Christ is among the overriding symbols of Christianity. The precise place is currently set inside the church of nativity and is hailed as one of the most essential areas in Bethlehem.

  1. Jerusalem

No visit to Israel would be complete without seeing Jerusalem. It is where the majority of Jesus’ life has been invested. It’s where he conducted most of his miracles, and at which he’d instructed the teachings of this church.

  1. Capernaum

Better known as the city of Jesus’, Capernaum is just one of those most prominently mentioned areas from the bible. Situated in the north of the sea of Galilee, it functioned as home to Jesus Christ and his apostles. Until today, the home thought to best. Peter’s and the synagogue in which Jesus always taught is still in life.



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