Most of the users who are not using their Apple phones with contracts complain about their battery. The reason behind this is hat the unlocking process keeps certain backend processes that operate continuously consuming the battery.

This brings down the battery life as well as the backup time. You can buy Multi-Purpose Portable Charger for I-phone by clicking right here.



Hereunder are certain important iPhone battery facts:

Battery Truth: Apple iPhone

Following 500 charges, the battery lifespan of this Apple iPhone is brought down by 20%. Apple suggests yearly battery standardization, suggesting an entire charging cycle each month. Charging cycle denotes the procedure for charging the battery completely after it’s been completely absorbed.

Apple jobs a whole lot to update the battery life in every single firmware upgrade by bringing down the amount and period of constant backend application processing.

Apple iPhone posses constructed rechargeable lithium battery comprising around 300 hours standby time up to 12 hours talk time (particularly on 2g)up to ten hours of video playback period and around 30 hours audio playback period.

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