Some dogs just naturally belong in a circus! You have done everything you can to keep your big dog from climbing over your fence, but nothing works. Once a dog has learned a great trick they love, they are never going to forget how they did it. There is nothing that exhilarates a dog more than escaping the confines of his yard and running off wherever the path may lead. It might be great fun for the dog, but it's certainly no fun at all for the dog owner.

Maybe you are wondering what good the fence is doing anyway. Your dog keeps jumping and climbing over it, so it might as well not even be there. There in might lie your answer. Invisible fencing is the newest trend in keeping your pets in your own yard where they belong. There is no chain link, no wooden planking to block your view or your dog's view of the surrounding area. Yet, it will still keep them from getting out.

If you want to find out more about invisible fencing or what you can do to reinforce the fence you already have, you might look at sites like Doggy Bakery to find some answers. Invisible fencing have several items you will need to make them work and the cost can vary greatly depending on your individual needs for your dog. Installation is one of the biggest expenses associated with this type of fencing.

How to Keep a Dog From Jumping the Fence