Honeymoon is the perfect time for couples to bond with each other and learn more about one another. Bonding and learning about one another can be done with activities such as rafting. If you both are willing to try this wonderful sport, then these safety tips must be followed and remembered every time.

  • Professional and Licensed Outfitter – You need to ask questions regarding the outfitters qualifications. This is important while shopping for an outfitter.
  • Keep the Life Jacket on – Life jackets have various clips and buckles that need to be strapped on for your own safety.
  • Always Wear Your Helmet – Depending on the level of rafting, it is important to keep your helmet on at all times.
  • Wear the Correct Outfit – Wearing the correct outfit is necessary to make your ride comfortable. Splash jacket, shoes and a wetsuit is a must during spring. During clear sunny days, you must wear quick drying clothes.
  • Avoid Panic – If you keep panicking, then the joy of rafting will be a waste of your time.
  • Carry Sunscreen – Although rafting is a water-based activity, the sun can still cause sunburns. Therefore, carry a sunscreen with SPF 35 or above.
  • Listen to the Guide – Pay attention to the commands given by the guide like ‘lean left, lean right, bounce, paddle’ etc.

Rafting is an amazing sport for a romantic getaway for two.

Rafting Safety Tips for Honeymoon Couples