Here are some of the reasons to demonstrate why three pocket folders are somewhat far better than the 2 pockets.

More Space to market 

With three pocket connections, you get more room to market your message and goods. You've got an appealing custom full-color design printed on them to deliver your message into a client.

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Normally the level size of these tri-panel folders are 27"x16" and the horizontal size of both panel connections will be 18"x16". So you've got plenty of additional space to market more.

Extra Pockets to Take Additional Matters 

With three pockets, you now have an option to put additional things within your presentation. Like you are able to set brochures in 1 pocket, place CD in 2nd and you can place product or presentation magazine. With two pocket presentation folder that you do not get this particular facility.

Stronger and Faster than two Pocket Presentation Folder 

Tri-panel folders are more secure and more powerful than both panel. Your promotion material within the folder will be secure due to the excess flap which fold over the initial flap to ensure it is a closed component from many sides.

Normally the issue with two panel is the items inside folders can easily be lost as it's open from 1 side.

Usable Thing for Clients 

Stunning characteristic of demo folder I enjoys the best is that these are extremely usable items for clients. Customer can set their own files within your demonstration folders to take in demonstrations or other areas.

Three panel can carry a lot of customer files since there's a backbone inside allowing more files to fit inside easily.

Why Three Pocket Folder Is Better Than Two Pocket Folder?
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