When children reach to particular age parents opt to send them into a kindergarten before knowing that their child is prepared to go to a kindergarten or never.

Here are some red flags that can help you know whether your child is ready to go to a nursery or not. If you're looking for a kindergarten for your child then you can browse http://alphaacademykids.com/

Sometimes kids reveal interests in the plays which are intended for quite smaller age. Some more counseling is needed with such children before sending them into a kindergarten.

Wild Behavior/ Playing with Very aggressively: – If a child behaves in a manner he may harm himself; he possibly is not prepared for a kindergarten.

Some children like to play very harshly with the big toys that could harm them. Some kids have tendencies to throw objects. This can also hurt them or other children.

Inability to inform about the moves or Inability to use the bathroom separately: – If a child is not able to talk about his/her motions he is probably not prepared for a kindergarten.

A child should also have the ability to use the bathroom independently. Children should also be able to open or close the latch on the doorways.

Inability to live without parents for several hours: – If a kid is not able to live without parents for many hours he/she may not be regarded as prepared to visit a kindergarten. 

What to Check before Sending a Child to a Kindergarten?