Open homes can be tricky for people who don’t entertain much because the open house event is just one of those very few instances you invite guests in your house if not there, however, your realtor is.

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The fundamentals.

-Forget silverware. If a guest in your open house should utilize silverware to graze in your open house buffet, the food is overly fussy.

-Period an inviting food and drink station. Cut some blossoms from your lawn or purchase some seasonal fresh blossoms as the focus.

-Use cocktail size napkins and plates. Smaller dimensions plates and napkins deliver the signal that it isn’t a meal. Additionally, it helps control portion sizes so guests do not feel that it is a meal.

-Set several scented votive candles around the desk to allow it to feel extra special.

-Bottled water is a necessity. Guests on-the-go will love the mobile pick-me-up.

-Coffee is organic with home hunters. If you do not want consumed away in the channel do not supply sleeves and covers.

-Prior to your open home ask your broker or see some other open homes in your area to view how many men and women attend. It is difficult to predict just how many will reveal and what they will drink or eat.

Real Estate Open Houses In Thailand